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Seiyuu info updated

As You Wish | Sunday December 30, 2007

...Wow, it's been a long time. I suck for letting it go so long without updates.

At any rate, added information on Kishi Yuuji, Fuuma's seiyuu in the TRC OVA, and fixed the broken contact form (oops).

Monou Fuuma fanlisting open!

Fate's Bitches | Saturday May 06, 2006

This isn't directly related to this site, but I was recently approved for the Monou Fuuma fanlisting, and thought I should post about it here in case any Fuuma fans are interested in joining.

75x50 codes

Fate's Bitches | Sunday April 16, 2006

I made new codes in the 75x50 size, since it's just too pretty. ^_^

Fuuma fanlisting open!

As You Wish | Friday April 14, 2006

Wish For Change, the TAFL-approved Monou Fuuma fanlisting is open for members!

Fuuma is back! (and other stuff)

As You Wish | Thursday March 30, 2006

Not really a site update, BUT. Fuuma, and the rest of the cast of X, has finally shown up in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. His first appearance was at the end of chapter 109, and this will apparently be in volume 15 of the manga. All I can say is, FINALLY, because it's been damn long without him. ♥

Also, I've been approved by TAFL for the Fuuma fanlisting. I've decided that it will be its own site, independant of As You Wish, but I'll certainly post an update here when it's finished. ^^

Fuuma/Kakyou relationship essay

As You Wish | Wednesday March 01, 2006

It took me a long time to actually sit and write this essay because I knew it'd be long and somewhat mentally exhausting. I finally ended up using a character/pairing analysis meme as an excuse to do it, and just tweaked a few things before posting it here too.

Name interpretation, part II

As You Wish | Sunday February 05, 2006

I finished the last part of All In A Name, the essay about the possible meanings of the kanji in Fuuma's name.


As You Wish | Monday December 19, 2005

Finally started Fuuma fanart to the fanstuff section! Granted, three pics up right now, but still...


As You Wish | Monday December 19, 2005

I'm finally starting to flesh out the analysis section, starting with the meaning of the kanji in Fuuma's name. Currently I just have it broken down into what each kanji means, but tomorrow I'll do the fun (for me at least) part: interpreting the meaning of the kanji together. =D

Even MORE seiyuu info

As You Wish | Friday December 09, 2005

This time on Narita Ken, Fuuma's seiyuu in X the movie and the X Character Files.

More seiyuu info

As You Wish | Thursday December 08, 2005

Added a page with stats and other roles for Suwabe Junichi (Fuuma in Xtv).

RSS feed

Domain | Tuesday November 29, 2005

Because I'm on a syndication kick, I set up a feed for monou.net's updates, located here.

New codes

Fate's Bitches | Tuesday November 29, 2005

I forgot to write about it, but I made a lot of new codes for the X fanlisting a couple of weeks ago, including a new size (100x35).


As You Wish | Tuesday November 29, 2005

For those interested in such things, the updates for As You Wish are now syndicated. The feed is here.

New 100x35 codes

In Dreams | Tuesday November 08, 2005

Set up PHPCodesort to handle codes easier (if anyone wants to donate a code, they can do so right here). Also added made codes in a new size (100x35).

New section: Mirror Images

As You Wish | Sunday October 30, 2005

Finally started a new section that I've wanted to include for a long time. It's dedicated to other CLAMP characters that are similar in looks and personality to Fuuma, and to analysing the similarities to Fuuma.


As You Wish | Friday October 14, 2005

Okay, this is silly, but I just discovered that this site is the #1 hit at Google for both 'Monou Fuuma' and 'Fuuma Monou'. XD

New section: translations

As You Wish | Tuesday October 04, 2005

Added a new section for translations of various things (currently, interviews). Thanks a lot to Jamie of Hyu! for letting me use these. ^_^


As You Wish | Saturday October 01, 2005

I put up up Fuuma's X Character File, featuring Narita Ken as Fuuma; and a clip from Xtv.

New section: fanstuff

As You Wish | Saturday September 17, 2005

Added a fanstuff section. There's sadly not much there at the moment, but I'll add a little to it still. ^^

Updated links and site listing

Domain | Saturday September 17, 2005

I've adopted out two of my fanlistings, and have updated links to reflect that. I've also added an affiliate. Also, the Fuuma shrine is coming along nicely.

Seiyuu info + audio

As You Wish | Monday September 05, 2005

Added a section on Suwabe Junichi and Narita Ken, the seiyuu that have played Fuuma, in the Info section; and I put Yakusoku up for download.

New layout & fanlisting

As You Wish | Sunday June 19, 2005

I completely redesigned the layout for As You Wish. I also opened a(n unapproved ^^;;) fanlisting dedicated to Fuuma.

New layout

XTC | Monday May 02, 2005

I decided quite awhile back that the site's old layout wasn't very practical, so I've finally goten off my ass and redesigned it. I still wanted to keep the basic look though.

General revamp

Domain | Sunday May 01, 2005

It's been quite awhile since I've made any significant changes here at monou.net. So, significant changes it is. First of all, since monou.net is no longer my sole domain, I've moved every site unrelated to X to my other domains, leaving this to be an exclusively dedicated to X.

I've also given it a bit of a facelift. The new layout is not a huge departure, but I felt I needed a change. ^_^


In Dreams | Friday February 25, 2005

The extras section is open. Currently it contains Kim's FuxKyou fan soundtrack and one fic by me (Mura).

Site is open ^^

In Dreams | Thursday February 24, 2005

Site is open, even though several sections are not yet up. The Fuuma & Kakyou fanlisting is open for members.