About monou.net

Monou.net has been online since September 2002. At the time, I had another domain, ukelicious.net, but decided I wanted a second domain exclusively dedicated to X and Fuuma. I chose monou.net for one simple but compelling reason: Monou Fuuma became my favourite character just a few months after I started reading X. To this day, he remains my favourite character, not just for the series, but overall.

Anyway, monou.net was a fledgeling little site, when ukelicious.net came up for renewal and for various reasons having to do with an uncooperative webhost, I decided to let it go. At that point, monou.net became my sole domain and I moved everything to it.

Things remained that way until I eventaully got three new domains: hyoutei.org (sites related to Hyoutei, a rival school from Prince of Tennis) and gekidasa.net (everything else, including my blog).

So now monou.net is finally what I intended it to be all along: a domain dedicated exclusively to my favourite manga series and to my favourite character, Fuuma.